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ЮниКредит Банк

   UniCredit Bank Austria AG, better known as Bank Austria, is a Central and Eastern European bank, 96.35% owned by UniCredit Group. The bank maintains an extensive network in Austria, with about 7.700 employees serving customers in some 300 branches. Bank Austria serves as UniCredit’s hub for the banking network in Central and Eastern Europe, a region where the Group is the clear market leader with about 3,900 branches in 19 countries. As per 2008, 85% of Bank Austria's total workforce is employed out of Austria.
Since 2007, Bank Austria is also responsible for all UniCredit affiliates in the European Union. Thus, Bank Austria inherited operation in 20 countries it had no representation before, of which even UniCredit had no activity. However, Bank Austria could not retrieve its business in Poland, where it had been well represented by BHP.
The 2000s saw the bank in the middle of substantial litigation around trustee Rudolfine Steindling's transfer of former East German, now German, money to her own accounts. In 2010 a Swiss court ruled [1] that the predecessor Österreichische Länderbank had broken the law by aiding her to channel away the money and had to pay €240 million but a higher court overruled this decision on formal grounds.
Total assets of Bank Austria as at 31 December 2011 were EUR 199,2 billion. Bank Austria is the number one banking partner for Austrian companies:
  • 80 per cent of large corporates
  • 37 per cent of medium-sized companies
  • 21 per cent of small businesses
have confidence in Bank Austria's services.
Bank Austria has a long tradition of operations in central and eastern Europe. After outbreak of world war I, foreign affiliates of the Creditanstalt and the Länderbank had to be abandoned. In 1975 Creditanstalt became the first western-bank to opened an office in Budapest. In 1997 activities of Creditanstalt and Bank Austria in the region were brought under the umbrella of a new holding company, Bank Austria Creditanstalt International. It was expanded to all foreign activities, with the exception of the Russian banks, a year later.
A great deal of Bank Austria's turnover is made in central and eastern Europe. The UniCredit network in the region includes 3.800 offices in 19 countries and about 71.000 employees.